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Four Spare Day

We all have a day when the ‘crystals’ come together and we’re triumphant in a quest of some dimension….maybe….running a race or finishing a project or singing a song or achieving a goal or reaching retirement or……..maybe…..graduating from a certain level in life  or having a good night doing something…….something like……..bowling.  Congrats to you all!

Four Spare Day

From the first ball he rolled, and at the crack of each pin,
you knew something special was about to begin
at the bowling alley this night in the thick of the heat
as he rolled out the strikes….nary missing a beat
rolling….yes, rolling….strike after strike,
keeping his cool….controlling his psyche…
that’s how it went…..that’s what I saw….
but that’s from a father who is biased, they’ll say,
in the time that will pass…. about the story, this day.

Three Cubs and a Yankee is the team that he’s on
a family sort of team – a mix in the throng –
of pretty good bowlers in a handicap league
that fosters competition and a little intrigue
as the weeks carry on….through winter into spring
and the challenge isn’t coming…. but the game that you ‘bring’
and that’s how it went….that’s what I saw
this particular night, it was an eight-fifteen that he rolled
an exhibition of near-excellence;  a feat to behold.

Four spares betrayed him and his quest on this day,
of a rare nine-hundred series that barely slipped away
through the cracks on the lanes that guided every ball
and made an ‘almost’ story… still….a story for us all
that held us spellbound frame to frame as we watched him joke around
unfazed by what was happening as the games dwindled down
and like I said, that’s how it went….that’s exactly what I saw…
and all who closely watched…. will concur with what I say
for we all watched the Matthew….triumphant on this day.

© copyright t.j.gargano

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