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Some Who Drop By

There’s nothing like ‘friends’ dropping by to say ‘hello’ or say they ‘like’ something or just to give you a little friendly support….from all over the world.  My thanks and I give you this ‘dittie’.  My best to all.

Some Who Drop By

Sitting here, facing my VAIO, thinking of what to write
being clueless in my mind…..like the dimness in the light
that shines above me,  I await a fiery impulse from my brain
which has yet failed to wake up from the short hours of sleep
because, for some reason, it was the late hours I chose to keep.

My classification is ‘newb’ as this blogging all goes
and I marvel at the knowledge that each blogger knows
that have chosen to follow by ‘liking’ my stuff.
Like ‘janethorne’ in theUK– ‘ flaringfelicity,’ too
‘Eric’ and ‘meiro’ to name just a few.

There’s ‘flyingodiva’ and ‘fourwindowspress’
bloggers with posts that always impress
me and they are only a few, of quite a few more
like ‘clownponders’, ‘chicpress’ and ‘perfectafflatus’
bloggers in the mainstream that keep coming, at us.

But my day would be empty without each of these few
like ‘purplepeninneverland’ and ‘mazeaday’, who‘s new
and ‘allaboutlemon’ with her wide open posts
like others I enjoy when they come to my house
like ‘Aslan’, ‘lesleycarter’ and ‘philosophermouse.’

‘Deidraalexander’s site, and ‘novicejournal’, have the touch
that keeps me checking in, for their posts offer much
information that helps to soothe my everyday blues….
and so does ‘lonelym,’ ‘muskadel’ and ‘disseminatedthought’
keep me a going, like ‘bluesander’, ‘kitybloger’ and  stulanglaut.’

And while ‘gabrielpoetry’, ‘jhasmoments’ and ‘lindavernon’ aren’t new
they’re different from ‘aviewfromacarpark’ and ‘theanonyblogger’s’ view
and its these differences that make the world go round, and thus
it’s fun to get new bloggers like ‘vikramroy’ and ‘juliecatherine’, yesterday,
‘cause blogging makes this world seem brighter…… in every little way.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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Thanks For Dropping By……again

This is a place for you to talk about anything that’s bothering you or exciting you in the ramblings of your mind.

It could be something you read or heard recently or something that has been on your mind a long time.  It could be something important in the world or just important to you.  Or you can just stop by and say ‘hello’ to a trusted stranger.  I would like that.

Other than that, I will be here talking to myself or showing you things that interest me, I guess.

Respecting each other is the foremost guideline and rule, here, and a mutual guarding of the clean spirit.

Thanks for dropping by…


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The Reverent Road

This is a very old poem written when I was 19 years old, the week before I left for the Army.  I must have been feeling a little apprehensive or scared, without trying to show it, about the near future, at that time.

I believe that there are times, all through our lives, when it is not only necessary to want to believe in something, but times when we…  have to….believe in something.  What that ‘something’ is, at that moment, is not what matters; what matters is how it bolsters your mind’s posture to ‘charge’  that fear, facing you, with ‘drawn sword’

The Reverent Road

I walked a road one summer day
knowing the end was far away.
For all I could see were the mountains ahead
into which the road I followed so reverently led.

It seemed I walked for many a day
upon this road which led the way.
And the mountains ahead still gazed at me
and as I became afraid, I thought of HE.

I feared the thoughts that filled my mind.
I walked ahead into the time.
And devilish thoughts preached my fate
and I walked the road with angered hate.

The reverent road I walked with fear.
The mountains ahead were now very near.
Could these mountains be the fate
that caused me to walk the reverent road with hate?

I looked to the sky which glistened with light
and thanked my GOD, whatever my plight.
And then the grass became my bed
And I gathered strength for the road ahead.

I was awakened into the day
by the glitter of the mountains which dawned my way.
And as tomorrow became today
yesterday’s fears passed away.

For the snow-capped mountains which I yesterday feared,
I now commanded as I steadily neared.
For in the night I sought in HE
and found that the mountains ahead, were me.

I looked up high to what was me
and said a prayer to Almighty HE,
who guided me through dark despair
when it was HE, I turned on without a care.

So again I started down the reverent road
fearless of the future, whatever it may hold.
’cause now I walked to enjoy life’s beauty,
for in finding myself, I had done my duty.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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Could You Be True?

The power of new love is mesmerizing as it aims its arrows at the heart.  The tentative heart, not wanting to believe its good fortune, thumps out its doubts to bolster its hopes.  Is this feeling really true? it queries itself.

Could You Be True?

Could you be true or are you only a dream?
I’d sometimes like to know.
I might as well ask is the grass really green
or is white the color of snow?

Are you really as pure as the wind that blows
and as strong as the mountains are high?
Or are these questions to ask, but never to know
whose answers are lost in the sky?

Do you live in the past as you live each day
or do you wonder what the future may hold?
Will you remember April when she dies for May
or even May come winter’s snow?

Can you pretend your life is happy when your heart is really sad
and convince the ones around you that you’re true?
Can you smile when you’re unhappy and when things are going bad
turn the gray sky overhead to shiny blue?

Can you take the joys of happiness and the painful days of blue
and join them as one, forevermore?
Then your grass will be more greener and your sky forever blue
and the light of life will shine upon your door.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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Spring Is Late

Ever so often, it seems like the days of winter lag longer into the new year.  This ‘lag’ becomes foremost in many a person’s mind, impatient for their dreams of the new summer.

Spring Is Late

Though spring is late in coming by
birds still sing their summer song.
And tree to tree they playfully fly,
though spring is late in coming by.
To Nature’s rhythm, squirrels scamper and cry;
gathering twigs they carry along.
Though spring is late in coming by
birds still sing their summer song.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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Lincoln said…

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of these United States and, arguably, our best.  One of his shining moments was on the battlefield at Gettysburg, PA.

Lincoln said

“Fourscore and seven years ago….
our fathers brought forth a new nation,” Lincoln said,
to the gathering on the battlefield who heard him flow
“Fourscore and seven years ago..”
Gettysburg was a Union victory and a crucial blow,
though for thousands of blue and grey, a final bed.
“Fourscore and seven years ago….
our fathers brought forth a new nation,” Lincoln said.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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Stoney Creek

Looking at some old photos the other day, back when I lived up in Alaska, one picture brought to mind the time a friend and I spotted a baby moose in a thicket off to our right, after coming off a sandbar in the river.  As we headed into the dense woods, we stopped in our tracks when we heard the snort of the mother moose before we saw her ahead of us, partially camouflaged, turning her head a hard left and back, staring intently at us.

The ground started shaking and……..well, I’ll fill you in on the rest of that story in a later post.  Another danger that lurks in the outdoors and is always a threat is lightning and wind.

Stoney Creek

Up on the river near Stony Creek,
up where the river bends,
we camped in weather cold and bleak
up on the river near Stony Creek.
All night, lightning struck trees at their peak;
bringing many of them to their ends
Up on the river near Stony Creek,
up where the river bends.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano


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Through the Windows of an Amtrak train

While waiting for the California Zephyr out on the platform recently, I thought back at some of the trips taken previously over the same stretch of track and wondered why I never get tired of the trip.  In fact, I always get excited anticipating the moment.  The truth must be that we never get tired or bored with the things we truly love………no matter what that might encompass.  That doesn’t mean, I don’t think, that because we are bored with something,  that we don’t love it.  I hope not.

But anyway, I also wrote this quick little triolet.  Hope your travels are happy ones.

 Through the Windows of an Amtrak Train

Through the windows of an Amtrak train
you can see America come alive.
You might see a snowstorm, tornado or just rain
through the windows of an Amtrak train.
Going through towns, over rivers, you might see a plane –
for sure, a Wal-Mart and MacDonald’s when you arrive.
Through the windows of an Amtrak train
you can see America come alive.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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