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Upon A Horse of Blue

Upon A Horse of Blue

I saw you in a dream, last night,
through yonder window’s fading light.
I waved but you didn’t see me there.
I called out loud; you were unaware.

You sat upon a horse of blue.
A wing-ed horse with beauty, true.
Your blond hair flowing toward where I sat;
I couldn’t reach it through window’s slat.

I tried again to call your name.
The blue horse roared and raised his mane.
I saw a tear fall from your eye.
I wanted to catch it;  I wanted to try.

But his golden eyes caught me in stare
and held me firm so I wouldn’t dare
and I let you go into the night
through yonder window’s fading light.

I wonder where you’re off to be?
A place of beauty, I’m sure, you’ll see
like this world I live in that makes me beam
as I wait for you…… in another dream.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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