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Wonder B_e_d

Wonder  B_e_d

Yesterday on the way to town
I saw a cow….laying down
near a sign saying ‘Wonder B_e_d’
painted on the side of a leaning shed.

The shed provided an area of shade
and a perfect bed…. the cow had made
and looked content, chewing her cud
watching the herd, in the sun, in the mud

by the watering hole, battling the flies
and she probably wondered… ‘who are these guys?’
and she laid there contently and without a care
and I thought…’she’s smart’…. and I continued to stare

to see if any other cows would challenge her space
or if they read the sign, from their watering place
or were they smarter than her,  ‘cause they knew what it said
and they didn’t go over there….cause it didn’t say….bed.

For sure, who knows what a cow can read?
They know when it’s time for the farmer to feed
and they always make haste to be there on time
and there are signs on the barn about organized crime

that they try to ignore….but see just the same
as they hurry to get there; to get there and claim
what’s rightfully theirs…. the big bag of oats
that’s covered with wordings…. and market quotes.

The truth of it ….is a lacking confirmation
‘cause if she read the sign, it would be an aberration.
and, too, she’d be wrong in what it really said
as nice as the shade was…..the faded sign said…. ‘Wonder Bread.’

© 2012 t. j. gargano

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