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Dewdrop On My Window

Have you ever caught yourself talking to something when nobody’s around?  At one time, it was believed to be signs of early dementia but, over the years, it has become recognized as happening to almost everyone, regardless of age. I talk to my dog and she almost talks to me…at least she has me thinking that or is it wanting that?  Well…anyway, we don’t get much settled but we have a lot of fun thinking we do.  haha

Sort of deep in thought one day, dream-like and staring outside at the rain puddles through a window of  streaming ‘dewdrops’,  being desperate to talk to someone,  I talked to them.   God help me.   haha


Dewdrop On My Window


Dewdrop on my window, dewdrop tell me why
Tell me that she loves me, don’t you make me cry.
Dewdrop on my window, dewdrop tell me true
Don’t you kid me, dewdrop, don’t you make me blue
Help me make her mine.


Dewdrop on my window, take with you, my love
Drop it on her shoulder from your cloud above.
Splash upon her sweet lips, mingle in her eyes
Give her all the reason, love like ours won’t die
Help me make her mine.


Dewdrop on my window, you’re fading fast away
Dewdrop will you come again
to be with me someday?

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano





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