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The Headlines

I use to read the headlines verbatim instead of the sensationalism used to grab your attention.  The dangerous media is about ‘blowing everything up’ to get you to read the attending articles, which, in many instances, include information not as dire as the impression you get from the headline.

When did life, seemingly, become a scam?  My attitude is really dropping off…..hehe

The Headlines

Reading the headlines every morning before work,
waking up with some coffee, my usual perk,
I can’t help but think about the tentativeness of life
and those who have control of the weapons of fate,
and hope numbers aren’t fixed for that horrible date.

That date being the day that the world blows apart
and history is stilled in everyone’s heart
and everyone’s life is compromised in full,
and everything achieved is lost in the blast
and life as we know it, is ended at last.

But then all our worries would be such, no more,
and we’d be on our next journey through some other door
and maybe to a  place where there’ll be lasting peace
but there’s danger in speculating of what there could be
at the end of the tunnel……the end we can’t see.

Each of us carries, in our hearts, a clue
of what we want happening when the ‘light’ comes in view
and what we suppose will happen from then.
And, yet, what we think, won’t matter at all –
our fate will have been cast; our number on the wall.

Never to worry about the demise of one’s life
but a sadness for loved ones, caught in this strife,
especially the kids with a whole life to live.
So, I pass o’er the headlines and try not to stress
and think ‘bout the good times and hope for the best.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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