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To her, it all must be the best
To him, the best is in the quest
To someone else, it’s in the name
yet, to another, it’s just a game.

We all see life a different way
the paths we start at break of day,
things we let close to our heart;
things that must be in our chart…

if that is how the story goes
and how it goes, no one knows
for sure, we know we’re not alike
from our beginning,  when we’re a tike.

But what is true is…. as a child
we play together calm and wild
our focus strictly…. on child’s play
we like to get and give away

things we like, yet like to share
with those we play, for those we care
cause we haven’t learned to want it all
to have no feelings. when playmates fall

I wish the world could see a scan
that showed the same for every man
and let their differences be not of gloom
but their collective wisdom a voice in bloom

to lead all people to a better life
eradicating the grief and all the strife
giving all youngsters a fighting chance
to do what’s right…. for our advance.

Against selfishness, we should go to war
wage fights against; to be sorry for
protect the many….from the few
and ensure a future that’s bright and new.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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