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Empty Chairs

For those of us who were fortunate enough to grow up eating three meals a day around a kitchen table, fortunate enough to experience the ambiance of the ‘togetherness’ of family and fortunate enough to remember some of it…. those….”those of us”…..are now unfortunate in having the memories of decay of that experience.

While we are prejudice in thinking that it was the best possible world to live in, it is not a position that holds much credence to those who never experienced it.  Thus, the loneliness of looking at empty chairs at the kitchen table, most of the time, is still a realism to deal with. Time marches on for everyone…as it should…..as it will.



Empty Chairs

Frequently now, they sit all alone
since no one across from them stares
like in days gone by when each was a throne
and each one, in them…. in turn…. said the prayers.

For the meals were three…. to which the family sat down
at the table, in the kitchen, where they ate
and shared all together all the gossip all around
as they kept each other, sort of, up to date.

Then… as if a storm appeared and struck the kitchen light,
the kitchen brightness soon began to fade.
Loved ones left to start their life, certainly within their right,
but the family…. ‘round the table scene…. decayed.

Family sharing, at mealtime,  is a treasure that’s been tossed
as life has marched with quickened beat and caught us…. unawares.
Only us with memories known  can feel the memory loss
and know the feeling of  looking at…. all the empty chairs.

© 2012 t. j. gargano

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