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The Four Flasks

The four little flasks idea came from my ‘imaginary ghost writer’ (earlier post) one day, which went along with the poem  ‘Ode to Nancy.’

My Love….To honor our thirty (30) years of togetherness, these flasks contain four (4) elements of God’s earth, I captured,  to honor your commitment to me.


To represent the “purity” of our love, I dug up soil from
among the roots of the 100-year-old Oak tree that stands
in the north pasture at the corner of the road leading up to
our house.


The bottle of water is from our creek/stream and represents the “fluidity” of our love, which has carried and will continue to carry us onward
to the destination of our life together.


The fill rock represents the stability of our love.  These
recently exhumed rock fragments were deposited by the
last glaciers which descended as far south as Illinois 10,000 years
ago during the Jurassic Ice Age.


Trapped in the clearest bottle are rays of the sun which are the
essence of life and therefore captured by me to represent the “essence”
of our love.  These rays travelled 93 million miles to sustain life
on this earth……and our love.

The WIND is not captureable;  a true “free spirit.”   It represents chaos, change, hope and new direction.

 It is to be followed and chased, but not caught.  It is dreams and horizons of a beckoning heart and echos of a beckoning call.  Listen!

These are your gifts from me to you for thirty years of bliss and commitment and a great time!

Happy Anniversary!   Love, Tom


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It’s said that seeing is believing.  But we know that isn’t always true.  Illusionists prove that.  Trick photography proves that.

And too, it is expected of us to believe in ‘things’ we can’t see.  A good example might be the air we breathe.

So in many aspects of life, we, as individuals, have to choose whether or not to believe in something.  Some of those things might be important and others, may not be as important.

A case in point might be angels, demons or other forces in the non-reality dimensions of our minds.  Then we might ask…if there are angels then are there demons?  or aliens? or UFOs? or ghosts? ………….or…….fairies?


Though I detect that she is near,
I see not yet her fluttering heart
between each drooping willow tear,
though I detect that she is near.
I’ll keep on searching without fear
until I find some little part.
Though I detect that she is near,
I see not yet her fluttering heart.

Though, it’s said they don’t exist,
And maybe that is so,
I know that one day… I was kissed
though, it’s said they don’t exist.
And yet I saw her, through the mist,
fly up and wink and go.
Though, it’s said they don’t exist
and maybe that is so

On days I go down to that stream
to where the fairy came,
I lay down there, perchance to dream,
on days I go down to that stream.
And while I know, it seems extreme,
I’ll keep on looking without shame,
on days I go down to that stream
to where the fairy came.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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