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Fresh Snow on Hampstead Heath

Looking at some photos on Loren Cooper’s post – Sunday Snow 2012 – at http://lorentakesphotos.wordpress.com  it looked so inviting to want to be there, that I wrote this short poem…..thanks for dropping by..

Loren Cooper photo

Fresh snow on Hampstead Heath

Fresh snow on Hampstead Heath, fell in powdery form,
and brought out all the ‘locals’ in a rather large swarm
and all ages enjoyed it… finding things they could do,
and while dogs posed like ‘wolves’ and played in the snow,
it was the ‘sculptors,’  it looked like, who were stealing the show.

(photo by Loren Cooper)

(photo by Loren Cooper)

The trees, standing tall, looked all ‘furried’ in white
and the bushes were hanging, but looking alright
and even the berries, in the coldness, were crisp
near the thickets, all gorgeous…. in their new winter coat
in a storied re-dress……. that nature, rewrote.

(photo by Loren Cooper)

If a moral is hidden, in the snow, it might be
get out and enjoy… winter’s fallen marquee
and relax and be free and dance in the snow
and think of what’s really down underneath
the beauty that’s fallen….on Hampstead Heath.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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