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A Trooper’s Letter

(National Park Service)

A Trooper’s Letter

It is in troubled heart, I write
to you, my love, upon this night.
So many things I’d like to say
before the coming light of day.

And as I lay here ‘neath this tree
my only thoughts are thoughts of thee.
So many things we could have done;
so many tales we could have spun.

I’ve begged my mind to dream you here
so I could hold you close and dear
perchance that I could say goodbye
be it, in battle, I should die.

Before the sun begins to rise,
we want to catch them by surprise
so get good rest, boys, Custer said.
That’s why I’m writing you… in bed.

The Indian camp was found, last day;
its size so great we can’t delay
to get position along the crest
where the river’s bottom…. we see the best.

It’s at this ford, the Sioux will cross;
We must defend it…. at all cost
But if we fail we’ll head up high
and join what others happen by.

So now, my darling,… I must rest
for tomorrow be the final test
And I will follow…. at the General’s side
It’s been an honor….forgive my pride.

My eyes now close…..the  fallen pen
has found its place; won’t write again.
I fall to dream; your eyes are bright….
we walk in hand toward morning’s light.

© 2012  t. j. gargano

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