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Crumpled Paper On The Floor

Well, it is Saturday again….where did the week go.  I hope all’s well with you.  I was reminiscing on how it use to be when I did most of my writing with pen and paper and how there’d be a build up of  paper wads on the floor due to my starting and stopping in the writing process….back in the day.

The computer has certainly made my writing ‘area’ a neater environment to work in, saved me time not having to clean-up and yet, at times, I still miss the mess.  It looked like I had actually done something or spent time trying to.  It’s a funny thing….this life thing.

My best to all of you this Saturday day in April.  Smile if you can.


Ctumpled Paper On The Floor

Back in the day I would pick up a pen
and write on some paper and stop only when,
I’d make a mistake that would alter my thought
and I’d crumple the paper…. feeling distraught.

And if it was so I was lagging behind,
cause the heart wouldn’t agree with the bumbling mind,
I’d stop, start and throw crumpled paper to the floor
and hour after hour, I’d wonder what for

since ever so often I’d forget what I wrote
and search the floor’s carnage for a tossed away note
or verse or some saying….  I wrote that I liked,
and finding it, wondering…. why it got me so psyched.

But time has pressed on, it’s a keyboard I strike….
forming all of my words and…. if the thoughts I dislike
then I just hit a key and the old thoughts are gone….
No mess to deal with…. I simply type on.

But time has not changed the heart and the mind
and often my thoughts are distressed and behind
but at least I don’t worry about what’s on the floor
I just keep on a typing….still wondering what for….

but, in my defense….after all.…it’s Saturday.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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The Four Flasks

The four little flasks idea came from my ‘imaginary ghost writer’ (earlier post) one day, which went along with the poem  ‘Ode to Nancy.’

My Love….To honor our thirty (30) years of togetherness, these flasks contain four (4) elements of God’s earth, I captured,  to honor your commitment to me.


To represent the “purity” of our love, I dug up soil from
among the roots of the 100-year-old Oak tree that stands
in the north pasture at the corner of the road leading up to
our house.


The bottle of water is from our creek/stream and represents the “fluidity” of our love, which has carried and will continue to carry us onward
to the destination of our life together.


The fill rock represents the stability of our love.  These
recently exhumed rock fragments were deposited by the
last glaciers which descended as far south as Illinois 10,000 years
ago during the Jurassic Ice Age.


Trapped in the clearest bottle are rays of the sun which are the
essence of life and therefore captured by me to represent the “essence”
of our love.  These rays travelled 93 million miles to sustain life
on this earth……and our love.

The WIND is not captureable;  a true “free spirit.”   It represents chaos, change, hope and new direction.

 It is to be followed and chased, but not caught.  It is dreams and horizons of a beckoning heart and echos of a beckoning call.  Listen!

These are your gifts from me to you for thirty years of bliss and commitment and a great time!

Happy Anniversary!   Love, Tom


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Imaginary Ghost Writer

In my post, ‘Of Time We Shared Alone,’  I mention that I must have a ‘imaginary ghost writer’ that makes my mind produce ideas that come, in an instant, from I don’t know where.

If  “she’s”  the one that makes my mind think of other things, I’ll put ‘her’ in a bottle and set her adrift….well….if I catch ‘her’….hehe

Until then, I have to pay her tribute, I guess,  in this………’Imaginary Ghost Writer.’

Imaginary ghost writer

In among the phantom space
deep within my mind,
she ‘lives’ in mystery without a trace
in among the phantom space.
Her wardrobe has to be of lace,
in fiber all entwined,
in among the phantom space
deep within my mind.

Imaginary ghost and sneaky writer,
it’s in my mind, where doth she dwell
and carries ‘pricksters’, for she’s a fighter…
imaginary ghost and sneaky writer.
She pricks the mind; it’s quick and brighter
and I have thoughts and she won’t tell
imaginary ghost and sneaky writer
it’s in my mind, where doth she dwell

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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Of Time We Shared Alone

I had gone to a movie, and I can’t recall its name at the moment, but it had a love theme embedded in the action, evidently, that was strong enough to ‘touch’ my feelings and when I got home, my ‘imaginary ghost writer’ put me to work and I came up with this….(that’s kind of how it works for me…maybe someday I will come up with something profound……that’s what I live for…..haha…..I can’t seem to get these to print in the style I like)

Of Time We Shared Alone

Now I know that the time is near
when you and I will be saying our good-byes.
But always please remember,
all the times we shared together,
laughing, crying……….saying that we cared.

In my heart, I will always feel
those magic moments of time we shared alone.
But now that I am going away,
remember all those special days
we held each other close and dear.

You will always be in my heart
and never will I be far away from you.
Someday, the time will come again,
we’ll laugh and cry and love, again.
Remember me for always in your heart.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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