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Ol’ Fat Rat

In my earlier post, ‘Showdown in Tucker’s Alley’ the mischievous rat had to leave the area and gets an invite from Harriet in the barn….another whimsical tale.

Ol’ Fat Rat

Down in the barn, the horse and cat
were playing a game with the ol’ fat rat,
who had just arrived from Tucker’s alley
where he had instigated a recent rally
and managed to get everybody down his throat
so he got out of town on the nearest boat
and that’s how the story went; that’s what I heard.
But it’s hard to believe everything you hear
when it flows from a cow that’s full of beer.

You would‘ve thought, he would take a rest
coming that far, a mile, at best,
but not this rat, he had things to do,
trouble to spread and that’s all he knew
and now had to deal with this horse and cat,
who he didn’t like much and that was that,
and that’s how the story went; that’s what I heard
at least that’s the story…. that I was told
by Harriet the cow…. with a heart of gold.

She said the fat rat had no place to go,
so she invited him there for a month or so,
with every intention he’d befriend them all
though, so far, all he’d done was create a brawl,
and bothering her, such, she was slipping toward the brink
and all she wanted to do was stand and drink.
And that’s the story….that’s how it goes
but that’s from a cow without much cheer
who’s life has turned to drinking beer.

Since, that was all…. that I could stand,
I headed for the house; in fact, I ran
and left them alone to figure it out
how to deal with the rat; how to deal with the lout
who came to their house and stirred it all up
and hid behind Harriet and drank from her cup.
At least, that’s the story out there in the barn
and believe what you want.. about all what you hear
when it flows from a cow….. that’s full of beer.


copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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