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Sometimes the things we hold the dearest, we endanger by our ‘taking for granted’ or ‘assuming.’  Our love relationships might be  the most vulnerable of these things.




It’s something that we all have done.
It’s something we just do
when times are serious or having fun
and it’s done without a clue.
And it’s not because the thing we think
is something that we know
but usually because the ‘know,’ we think,
hides without a show.

And when it’s love, we think, is sure,
we sometimes falter more
not seeing it slip into a blur
only seeing it as before
So take not for granted that precious love
and guard it from its doom
Keep love fresh and full of life
and nevermore….assume.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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The Game Is Finally Over

‘Change’ is all around us.  It affects us all – the young, older or old.  It is not partial.  It affects every form and aspect of our reality.  We are in an uncompromising position.  We have to adjust; we have to adapt.  We must go on; we must survive.

And so, there are many ‘stories’ to be told of the varied examples of the momentary gridlock caused by these confrontations at the moment of ‘change.’ This poem is not about ‘change’ due to human loss, or governmental overthrow, disasters or human relationships, it is about a routine – an interrupted sports routine……treated generically here, but ever so present to many over the last few decades, where their favorite arenas of the heart, disappeared.

The Game Is Finally Over

The pace of the game remained much the same
for the first seven innings or so.
The toll of the heat made the hitting so weak
it destined a score very low.

From south of the border came the top of the order
with Sanchez and Hernandez due up.
And with the game’s end in range, the skipper made a change
and brought in his “stopper,” named Krupp.

Tall in his stance, and you could tell at first glance,
he was steadfast, determined and good.
But the first pitch was low and Sanchez’s strong blow
is a record that’s forever, stood.

No one would go, shocked by the blow
that ended the career of young Krupp,
who gave up the fight as if seeing the light,
after pitching one low instead of up.

The ages of man won’t soon understand
why some things go down, not up.
And forgotten’s the game and probably the name,
of the unknown pitcher named Krupp.

The twilight now falls o’er the outfield walls;
a hush now stills the stands.
Memories once sewn…to the young….unknown;
now forgotten by all the fans.

Throughout the park, once light, now dark;
they no more come from Dover.
No down, no up.  No kid named, Krupp.
The game is finally over.

The park is bare……no one to care.
No one to yell or scream.
No friends to meet or heroes to greet;
what was…..now but a dream.

And it won’t be long, it’ll all be gone,
all buried beneath the loam.
And grass with its pace, will cover each base
and a place we all call…..”home.”

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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