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Common Ground

I have always wanted to believe that every man (generic usage) shares common ground…..a human being with the same tools and the same bodily functions, separated only by environments and the political/cultural influences of those surroundings.

Of course, in essence, it’s these “influences”  that disperse and obscure the ‘common ground’ traits between us.  Nevertheless, I still hope there are people who would like me for my heart, in spite of my nationality.  It would be great to share ‘common ground’ thoughts  and knowledge with all men of the world.  The future is in it.

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Common Ground

I reach to you, a common heart,
even though we’re far apart
in where we live or what we do,
in what we think of what we view.

I reach to you for common ground
to share the life that’s all around
the both of us that fills our mind
that gets us through when we are ‘blind.’

I reach to you so we can share
a bit of heart with which we care
if only a dream or a wish that’s close
in innocent thoughts we love the most.

I reach to you to hold your hand
and be your friend and understand
the way of life 
you’ve come to love
and be someone deserving of….

being here and hugged by you
in a far off place with a heart that’s true
that’s warm and free…. not afraid to be
on common ground with a friend, like me.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano





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Birth and Death

I have not figured out the complexities of my thinking.  I’m not always sure who is doing my thinking.  There must be forces in our energy flow that make us jump up when we didn’t think about jumping up, for example.

I am basically pessimistic about life, although I am not pessimist.  I am not morbid nor do I generally like association with the idea, of it.   But we are not at our best  – as we think our best is  – everyday; every moment.  Our ‘A’ game rests some days; sort of like mine, today.

Birth and Death

Birth and death are relatives;
really our only realities.
We’re born to die..but
who knows the reason why?

Is the earth a cell of humanity,
lost in the stream of infinity,
searching, changing,
challenging its right to be?

What is the answer; what can it be?
Who is the leader, where is the key?
It’s surely not in war and all his company.
Love is our only alternative.

Sickness is our sister, who follows every day;
Indifference is our brother, with worries in the way.
But what is deep within us, with eyes to give us sight
that we may see?

Reason, there must be, that I may feel your love;
that I may feel your warmth, that runs within my blood.
If God is not the reason, then relevant to what
is love?

We’ve climbed the highest mountains
and searched the deepest seas.
We’ve picked the ripest fruit
from all the biggest trees.

Birth and death are relatives
with alternatives to the key.
Reason there must be…. and being… is the reason
that there is God.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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