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Spring Has Sprung

Of course, winter is coming on, here, now.  Actually,   I wrote this poem  when, in fact, it had sprung.  But thinking of it, even now, is comforting to the soul and warms the heart a little before it is time to muster up, put on the gear and plunge through winter head-on.  Thanks for dropping by;  it is always great to see and hear from you.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung; there are buds on the trees.
Birds all a flutter; there soon will be bees.
The grass is all brown, but soon will be green.
Down comes the storm door, replaced by a screen
And the season of change is at hand.

Ants will be coming; stringing a long
with crickets a-chirping to blue birds in song.
Fish will be jumping in the creek by the barn.
The dog will be barking at the cat, he won’t harm;
from winter, comes spring, ‘cross the land.

Flowers are blooming all round the house.
Young kittens are practicing catching a mouse.
Rabbits are cautiously running around.
The garden is planted in freshly tilled ground.
Summer will soon be a-long.

Kids outside flying their kites way up high.
Geese flying northward, way up in the sky.
Snowflakes now given up to sweet-smelling rain.
Farmers out planting, the new season’s grain.
Memories of winter, now gone.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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