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Good Knight

The name of this blog IS the poet’s crafts, so I suppose I should show you something along those lines that I have done.  I’m not real good at any of these but it is a lot of fun….good therapy, I suppose people would say.

Anyway, I have an autistic friend – Caleb is about 25 years old now – who never forgets my wife or me, whenever he travels anywhere with his grandmother. He always brings us back some little gift.

Now Caleb likes to write stories about zord looking characters and battles…his mind is  very vivid.  His writing is readable but the sentence structure is, well…..you know.  But I help him as much as I can.  He’s always putting everyone in our family in his books as characters.  His stories will run 15 to 20 typewritten pages…..he really writes volumes.

So the following photo is what I made for him for his birthday…..a knight out of Red Bull cans.  He doesn’t show emotion much but I know he really liked it.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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