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Forgive and Live

Forgive and Live


Stillness looms across the field.
The moon, not full, is bright
Silhouetted trees do yield
the pleasantness of night.
In quietness, the beauty’s shone
as a tear slips from the eye
and you drift into dream…. ‘neath the sky.

Awakened to the sound on distant track
the northbound’s coming through.
the moving lights mean she is back
and all is right and true.
Missing her has meant a lot
it’s time to tell her so
It’s time to live the only life, you know.

It’s time to do what must be done.
It’s time to love….and live
It’s time to start the distant run
stop judging and forgive
For time is fleeting; that’s for sure
so hug her tight each day
and chase the constant, nagging blues….away.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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When the Senses Start to Wane

When the Senses Start to Wane

When the days were long; when the years were short,
when the blood would try to rise
there’d be ideas in the mind…. to sort
when the days were long; when the years were short.
Things to accomplish; things to report
to show you ‘had it’…. in their eyes
when the days were long; when the years were short
when the blood would try to rise.

When the final autumn years arrive
and the senses start to wane
the change in mode is now survive
when the final autumn years arrive.
And when nature’s onslaught is….to deprive
you must meet ‘her’ head-on…. and restrain
when the final autumn years arrive
and the senses start to wane.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Sometimes the things we hold the dearest, we endanger by our ‘taking for granted’ or ‘assuming.’  Our love relationships might be  the most vulnerable of these things.




It’s something that we all have done.
It’s something we just do
when times are serious or having fun
and it’s done without a clue.
And it’s not because the thing we think
is something that we know
but usually because the ‘know,’ we think,
hides without a show.

And when it’s love, we think, is sure,
we sometimes falter more
not seeing it slip into a blur
only seeing it as before
So take not for granted that precious love
and guard it from its doom
Keep love fresh and full of life
and nevermore….assume.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Crumpled Paper On The Floor

Well, it is Saturday again….where did the week go.  I hope all’s well with you.  I was reminiscing on how it use to be when I did most of my writing with pen and paper and how there’d be a build up of  paper wads on the floor due to my starting and stopping in the writing process….back in the day.

The computer has certainly made my writing ‘area’ a neater environment to work in, saved me time not having to clean-up and yet, at times, I still miss the mess.  It looked like I had actually done something or spent time trying to.  It’s a funny thing….this life thing.

My best to all of you this Saturday day in April.  Smile if you can.


Ctumpled Paper On The Floor

Back in the day I would pick up a pen
and write on some paper and stop only when,
I’d make a mistake that would alter my thought
and I’d crumple the paper…. feeling distraught.

And if it was so I was lagging behind,
cause the heart wouldn’t agree with the bumbling mind,
I’d stop, start and throw crumpled paper to the floor
and hour after hour, I’d wonder what for

since ever so often I’d forget what I wrote
and search the floor’s carnage for a tossed away note
or verse or some saying….  I wrote that I liked,
and finding it, wondering…. why it got me so psyched.

But time has pressed on, it’s a keyboard I strike….
forming all of my words and…. if the thoughts I dislike
then I just hit a key and the old thoughts are gone….
No mess to deal with…. I simply type on.

But time has not changed the heart and the mind
and often my thoughts are distressed and behind
but at least I don’t worry about what’s on the floor
I just keep on a typing….still wondering what for….

but, in my defense….after all.…it’s Saturday.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Beauty Sprinkles

Beauty, at first look, seems unfair in the way it has ‘sprinkled’ its charms over everything in life.  It often provokes the jealousies of life conjuring up ‘wishes’ in the multitudes of those less blessed, in their minds, by her swishing wand.  But we fail to understand how many faces beauty really has and, in this oversight, don’t realize what beauties each of us might have.  Usually, we don’t seem to have the ones we want.  So we have to go with what we have and depend on others to find the beauty in us.  I know my glimpses of beauty have often been criticized by other eyes but I always remember what someone once said……beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…….how beautiful that is.

Thanks for visiting……I’m positive you are a beautiful person!


Beauty Sprinkles


From where does it come such beauty fair
that splashes on some….not all?
And has no rules, making some despair
the dreadful fate that did befall
to them when beauty’s wand did swing
over everything in life that is
didn’t reach far enough, over them
but with sprinkles of only fizz.

Why do we compare our portion of
the beauty that’s spread in life
covering the world like brotherly love
like a salve to ease our strife
that helps us make our journey be
more pleasant when we fall
and helps us all to understand
the ‘picture’ on the wall.?

It’s best we run with what is ours
and do the best we can
and let all others see our scars
in the beauty of our plan
that’s in our hearts and in our words;
that’s in our beauty ‘jar.’
and gives of us, our view of love
and who we really are.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Life’s ‘Seconds’

Have you ever done anything without thinking and looking back, wonder why and who made you do that?  And while we engage in intelligent thinking in many of our important considerations in life so as to make an, arguably, good decision, it is all those seemingly insignificant ‘actions’ in our daily routine, that can cause us some concern if we think about them too long.  You know what I’m talking about….those involuntary actions like kidding someone, picking a rock up and throwing it, kicking a leaf, stomping a crawling ant, little things so numerable, I can’t even think of many of them.

Well, this is where the philosophy of free will might enter.  Well…..maybe…..I’m not sure….are you?  At any rate, there is some hidden force that pulls on us all and forces us in different directions down different paths in the nano-seconds of our life, and when our minds ‘catch up’ with these rogue ‘firings’, or impulses, it is usually too late.  I invite all, from all cultures and all life, to un-confuse me.  haha….I must be bored today.


Life’s ‘Seconds’

We rise each day and make our way through the minutes of each hour,
and move and talk and think and walk, all with a hidden power.
And looking back, we often lack, memory to know just why,
we had the visions and made the decisions, that forced us to comply

in doing such and yet, not much, little things throughout the day
like jumping over a patch of clover or walking a certain way.
Saying a word we know absurd or doing something bad
a thing we couldn’t and knew we shouldn’t, that later made us sad.

We walk through strife, throughout this life, with little or no control,
In mindless visions, we make decisions that perplex our vexing soul.
We often do without a clue, things we know not why
and look to see just who it be, who’s blinded to our eye.

We cannot see what makes us be and do the things we do;
The trivial deeds, like pesky weeds, are numerous and askew.
It takes us to and guides us through life’s ‘seconds’ like a drill
We feel deceived, though it is believed, to be perks from our free will.

© copyright 2012  t.j. gargano

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The Giving Life

Do you ever have a day when you accost yourself because you are unsure of what’s going on?  You want more people to love you, more people to just say ‘hi,’ more people to admire you for what you are, you don’t think you’re good enough, you doubt your relevance, you don’t feel worthy, you can not see any value to your life…….you have all these feelings of jealously, incompetence, valueless, unloved, you think of a negative and that’s you….?

You are completely confused and frustrated because you are not something you think you should be at the stage of life you are at…..at that moment…?  You compare YOU to everything else in the existence of life, as you know it?  And you know you are wrong doing that?

They call it….having a bad day….caused by…..who knows.  Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep over the last month or year…..or maybe you haven’t eaten the right nutritious food in the last few days,  maybe you are constipated because of the aforementioned or stress in its zillion forms…..or maybe the magnetism and electric sparks bouncing off your aura are too heavy on your frame…or maybe the atmospheric pressure, combined with one of the previously mentioned phenomena, and no one would know which one,….maybe that pressure is too forceful or too weak on you…..this day or that day….whatever day is bad for you……WHATEVER…….

(this is you talking to yourself)…….get a hold of yourself, stand before a mirror, smile, tell the forces to ‘hit me with your best shot!’ but I am still going to stand my ground and be ME…yes…ME (you say to yourself) and if nobody likes that….well,  that’s okay…..cause I am okay with it….and I know I love me….the good and the bad…of me….every second with every breath I am permitted to have……

…..I am not wanting to be arrogant about it….but I own it (my way) and I will survive.  I may not like the way I act or feel sometimes but I am me and I will breathe my air, absorb my pressure, and live to LOVE Life….and you……again.   “i” may be 16…….”i” may be “13” or “25” or “42” or “65” or “87”….or “100”………..

It doesn’t matter……life is “one-on-one”…..it is not a ‘team’ game….it is, however, a ‘team existence.’  We need to know we’re loved and wanted….and hearing a good word about that relationship….never hurts anyone.

Some people always want to hear the truth but I’m not one of them….you can flatter me anytime….chances are, my heart will grow a little bigger, for a moment.  I’ll try not to let my mind do that though.  haha

Sorry about my rant but more people seem to muddle in darkness and situations they can’t control and figure that the best way to deal with it is to ‘wade’ in it…..most ‘trapped’ feelings (and we all have them) are submersive….unless you like ‘snorkeling’ it is probably best to ‘swim’ for the light of day…..just intake a lot of oxygen on the way……haha

Thanks for ‘dropping by…’ and putting up with my ‘junk’, here…..I THOUGHT this coffee was a little …..strong!

Love you guys…..I appreciate your hellos……you always make my day, as Clint would say…..if you haven’t figured it out by now “……..”  these series of dots mean ‘pause’……..hehe

The Giving Life

Every day is a counter.
It’ll never come again.
Live each day, forever
as if, it’s never been.

As long as the kiss is forever ripe,
and the love’s forever long,
you’ll remember each day, forever,
although…..forever gone.

As long as you’re happy from morning to night,
you should never ask for more,
for your blessing is in your living
and your life’s an open door.

And when your door has closed
and you reach that place above,
you’ll gaze back down at the life you lived
an endless life of love.

And it is then that you will know
that every life is something.
That all the lives that are lived, each day,
few are lived for nothing.

So whoever you may be
or however you may live
you’ll find that all that matters,
is the life you have to give.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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The Headlines

I use to read the headlines verbatim instead of the sensationalism used to grab your attention.  The dangerous media is about ‘blowing everything up’ to get you to read the attending articles, which, in many instances, include information not as dire as the impression you get from the headline.

When did life, seemingly, become a scam?  My attitude is really dropping off…..hehe

The Headlines

Reading the headlines every morning before work,
waking up with some coffee, my usual perk,
I can’t help but think about the tentativeness of life
and those who have control of the weapons of fate,
and hope numbers aren’t fixed for that horrible date.

That date being the day that the world blows apart
and history is stilled in everyone’s heart
and everyone’s life is compromised in full,
and everything achieved is lost in the blast
and life as we know it, is ended at last.

But then all our worries would be such, no more,
and we’d be on our next journey through some other door
and maybe to a  place where there’ll be lasting peace
but there’s danger in speculating of what there could be
at the end of the tunnel……the end we can’t see.

Each of us carries, in our hearts, a clue
of what we want happening when the ‘light’ comes in view
and what we suppose will happen from then.
And, yet, what we think, won’t matter at all –
our fate will have been cast; our number on the wall.

Never to worry about the demise of one’s life
but a sadness for loved ones, caught in this strife,
especially the kids with a whole life to live.
So, I pass o’er the headlines and try not to stress
and think ‘bout the good times and hope for the best.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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“Who me?”

So this is February…..a little warmer than usual but okay with me.

I’ll start with kids……they walk with a bag that has no cares in it,  knowledge of only what they like, fresh, candid opinions about those things they like, with the rest of the bag full of  ‘innocence.’

And as for the  ‘innocence’   don’t try it, ’cause that’s one ‘fragrance’ grownups can’t market.  hehe

“Who, me?”

“Who me.  Are you talking to me?’

‘Yeah..I’m talking to you, little gurr..l,’ he said.

“Well, I didn’t do it…You’ve got the wrong guy.”

‘Oh, yeah?  That’s not what Zoe told me.’

“Who’s Zoe?  Ne..ver ..heard… of… her.”

‘Well, I’m going to tell your mommy.’  he said.

“Go ‘head.  See if I care….I was in this sandbox all the time.”

‘Okay.  We’ll see….we got the goods on you.’

“Who me?  Are you talking to me, man?”
“I’m Jude and I don’t do anything.”

‘Well, that’s the problem.  You spilled the milk
and didn’t clean it up and Zoe got in trouble….so there.’

“Are you talking to me?  Who are you?  I don’t know you, kid.”

‘Zoe is your twin sister…and I’m your mommy’s friend’s kid, Zak…
don’t pretend, Jude.’  You’re gonna git it’

“I’m not afraid”

‘You better be…Zoe took a picture with your mommy’s camera phone’

“oops.  Zoe’s gonna git in trouble…she’s not suppose to have mommy’s phone”
“I’m gonna tell daddy when he gets home that that’s not me and you pushed me, Zak”

‘Jude…don’t you dare!’

“Who, me?  Are you talking to me…….Zak?”


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If Only I Could Be

If Only I Could Be


Summer’s gone, winter’s here
fall is past, spring is near.
I’ve come back, I’ve come back
to love you, again.

When will you tell me so?
When will I really know
that you love the way
that I love you?

Running wild, running free
through the sand, by the sea
I’m so happy you have come to me.

Will you do what I say?
Stay by me every day?
Happiness is what makes people free.

If only I could be,
something that I see.
Would I see the love in your eyes?

If only I could be,
something that I see.
Would I see the life or would I die?

Feel the wind…..
see the waves….
always rushing in a daze,
crashing noisily upon the shore.

There they come,
one by one,
here to die beneath the sun.
Isn’t life, itself, just like a wave?

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano





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