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Mind and Heart

Have you ever wondered how many decisions we make each hour or each day, for that matter?  If we could fathom that and categorize them too….now that would be overwhelming…for me, anyway.  haha!

It must be a struggle for the body parts, which are subjected to the strain of the actions it has to perform  due to the decisions made by the upper echelon decision makers…namely the brain and its accomplice, the mind and its, oft-times, adversary – the heart.  It doesn’t always seem like they’re on the same ‘team’ in my body….pieces of evidence of the struggles between them seem to lay everywhere on the life’s platform from over the years….nothing severe but nevertheless…..

Well, anyway…..that’s where I journeyed today.  I hope your journey today makes more sense than mine……you’ve gotta love this life!

Mind and Heart

Today I’ll listen to my mind
and see where we will go
and hope we don’t fall far behind
wandering to and fro….
the endless paths that life presents
from which we have to choose
and make the choices that are best
from all the varied clues.

My heart and mind don’t always see
life’s different paths, as one.
At best, they struggle to each be free
of the other’s daring run
to make the best of what there is
of the clues that face them down
when choosing the path they have to take
from all the clues around.

The mind acts sometimes without the heart
with an outcome less than good.
And sometimes it acts as a lesser part
as the heart really thinks it should.
But it’s really best when they work as one
and the outcome they reach, is true
and the decision made is the very best
for the moment they’re going through.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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