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Who Can She Be?

Romanticism……is it fading?


Who Can She Be?

I don’t know a word to say
that will describe in any way
the grandeur of this lovely girl,
the zest she has each day.

You can see it in her eyes,
in the smile upon her face,
in the glowing long brown hair
of this lass so young and fair.

When you look at her, it’s loveliness
that immediately entrances your mind.
To forget her is impossible,
a mission only in time.

When she looks upon your heart,
she leaves a love that never parts.
A love that lasts forevermore
though gone from view, behind life’s door.

Who is this girl?  Who can she be?
Is she an angel that I can see?
and if she comes, and if it be…
that I can see,…..will I believe?

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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