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Mind Block

As  a writer, or a creationist, you know the painstaking times of mental ‘drought’ all too well.  Times when you passionately want to compose while, at the same time, the mind…..well, doesn’t.  It will not cooperate with your brain or heart and abstains from ‘firing’ any impulses to lend a helping hand.  Mental block stands steadfast against your creativity, encouraging impatience to rear its ugly head and frustrate you into a stupor.  Whew!

Well, anyway, that’s sort of what this poem’s about….me learning to wait….have a little patience….stop binding up the computer with my rapid clicking…..controlling the shock treatment.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Mind Block

I sit at my table; I’m ready, at will.
The paper is blank. The pencil lays still
The desk light is hot; it glares overhead
down on the paper not yet laden with lead
of thoughts that have evaded the mind.

The eyes gaze around, entranced, without thought
in stare at a cobweb and the fly that it’s caught
a story of life…. for things that all live
between those that ‘take;’ and between those that ‘give’
to the circle that encompasses…. us, all.

Everything’s still….but no pin, to drop.
Would the pencil wake up if it happened to plop
off the desk on its journey…. down to the floor?
And picking it up, would it have something in store
to take from the mind and write down?

I wait for the senses…. to gather it…. all in
and formulate a plan to make my heart grin
and convince my mind to get back to work
and bring out the thoughts that lazily lurk
in the cobwebs of my imagination.

We take for granted, so much, all around
especially our senses, our defining crown
that sees what is bad and smells what is wrong
lets us hear what we say…. as we travel along
coloring each moment of our life.

That’s it!  That’s it!  I’ve something to write.
The ‘block’ has been busted; I now see the light.
Everything’s clear; I just had to wait
Impatience has fled; the mind’s in reflate
and the ‘firings’ of the imagination…are free!

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano


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