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Aw, but for language.


Arrivederci in Italian means good-bye.
Arrivederci  when you say it, some will cry.
The thought of losing you, makes
my lonely heart more blue,
as I think of all the good times,
now gone by.

So when the time comes when you know
you have to leave,
me, standing there with lonely thoughts
I can’t believe.
standing, hugging me, don’t say
Arrivederci…..just turn and wave and
smile and say….good-bye.

You know that when you’re gone,
every moment seems so long
and all the passing time, goes so slow.
It’s hard to think of you, without being sad and blue,
though I know you’ll soon be coming
back to me.

I know you’ll be back when the August moon
has come.
And then my waiting, aching moments
will be done.
Your flowing hair will shine as
your heart returns to mine
and we’ll never say again………arrivederci.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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