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There Is a Place

There Is a Place


There is a place I want to go
beyond the moon and on
where time has swallowed dreams I know;
where loved ones may have gone.
And maybe I won’t find a thing
but, at least, I want to try.
I want to try one time….before I die.

And how to find this place I feel
that’s brightened by the moon.
And if I do….will I conceal
or weaken and impugn?
Or will I choose to keep it hid
so nobody’ll ever know….
this place where even heaven gets its glow.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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‘Uncle Jimmee’

‘Uncle Jimmee’ is my oldest brother-in-law, and while in the cabin one winter up in the Colorado Rockies on a skiing trip, my young grandson, Austin, started calling him ‘Uncle Jimmee’ stretching out the ‘long e’ sound in high kidding voice.  Thus, the spelling and the name.

Jim has always been my closest ‘buddy’, though we live a couple of hours apart, in our own worlds.  Nevertheless, his wife (my sister) and him and my wife and me, take excursions during the year driving hither and yon…just sharing time together.

I have always looked up to Jim for his kind heart, genuine kindness, enthusiasm and ‘exaggerated spirit’ about every topic of conversation.  His mind has always been on his family and music and country, and raised his kids to be upright citizens of the community.  He has been a good influence for those around him.  He is ‘people’ we all know, who live within our lives and I appreciate him…….as you appreciate those around you, in your world.

‘Uncle Jimmee’

Today he sits and thinks of all,
throughout, his life, the dreams he made.
And places that he went and saw,
today he sits and thinks of all……
and back when life- speed was a crawl
while pondering places that he played,
today he sits and thinks of all
throughout, his life, the dreams he made.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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