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‘Thought’ and ‘Do’

Whether young or old, failing to accomplish large or menial tasks, risking feeling good about ourselves, is one of our shadows.  Procrastination is a harming habit, if not to our wishful accomplishments, then to our personal demeanor.  This ugly habit is a juggernaut to crack.  Good luck if you have this habit and congratulations if you don’t.  I don’t get congratulations.  Have a great day wherever you live in the world!



‘Thought’ and ‘Do’


In a moment’s time, like the one that just passed,
the idea that we had, is now in the past
and probably won’t return…. with as vivid a clue
and thus lies the problem between the ‘thought’ and the ‘do.’

For many a man, his life’s… a…. retread
and ponders what happened….scratching his head.
His hours of the day…. live fast and decay
and a day of his life quickly squanders away.

We’re keen on ideas with visions to share
but complicate the mind about things that we care
that keeps us from pursuing our original thought
and soon it’s too late and we know 
we’ve been caught…

caught at procrastinating… another day in our life;
waiting for tomorrow;  adding to our strife
at trying to do…. what should have been done
a day or so back…..when it would have been fun.

The lesson to learn is in the habit to break
and that is the problem and a hard one to shake
Thoughts and ideas will continue to come
Seize them and ‘do’ them…. before your life’s done.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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