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Upon A Horse of Blue

Upon A Horse of Blue

I saw you in a dream, last night,
through yonder window’s fading light.
I waved but you didn’t see me there.
I called out loud; you were unaware.

You sat upon a horse of blue.
A wing-ed horse with beauty, true.
Your blond hair flowing toward where I sat;
I couldn’t reach it through window’s slat.

I tried again to call your name.
The blue horse roared and raised his mane.
I saw a tear fall from your eye.
I wanted to catch it;  I wanted to try.

But his golden eyes caught me in stare
and held me firm so I wouldn’t dare
and I let you go into the night
through yonder window’s fading light.

I wonder where you’re off to be?
A place of beauty, I’m sure, you’ll see
like this world I live in that makes me beam
as I wait for you…… in another dream.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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Within My Heart

The manifestations of young love are innumerable.  Many of them are fleeting as is the love.  But some fester, grow and mature and, ultimately, define that love over time.

Within My Heart

I may not be important ‘across the bar,’
nor in journeys have I gone that far
or garnered riches to honor you
or made your life, the truest blue.

But I love you deeply and cherish your love;
Your quiet beauty from God above,
your thoughtful moments, you always share
for those you love and for those you care.

You’ll always be within my heart,
of which you’ve always been a part.
You’ll always be with me, each day
’cause….. I love you…..in every way.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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