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Of Time We Shared Alone

I had gone to a movie, and I can’t recall its name at the moment, but it had a love theme embedded in the action, evidently, that was strong enough to ‘touch’ my feelings and when I got home, my ‘imaginary ghost writer’ put me to work and I came up with this….(that’s kind of how it works for me…maybe someday I will come up with something profound……that’s what I live for…..haha…..I can’t seem to get these to print in the style I like)

Of Time We Shared Alone

Now I know that the time is near
when you and I will be saying our good-byes.
But always please remember,
all the times we shared together,
laughing, crying……….saying that we cared.

In my heart, I will always feel
those magic moments of time we shared alone.
But now that I am going away,
remember all those special days
we held each other close and dear.

You will always be in my heart
and never will I be far away from you.
Someday, the time will come again,
we’ll laugh and cry and love, again.
Remember me for always in your heart.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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Ace of Time

War will never be inescapable.  Countries need their men (and women too in many places) to defend their homelands.   I abhor war but it has been unavoidable in this dimension.

The reality of war, however,  is that all soldiers cannot return home to the life and lives they are protecting.  Sacrifice is inherent in the code of soldiers.  Bless them all.

I want to share a poem I wrote shortly after being discharged from the service.  It is meant to honor all soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice.  These sacrifices must not be allowed to be forgotten .

photo National Archives and Records Administration

Ace of Time

He lies soft that has fallen hard.
He held a perfect hand except for one card.
That card he lost was the “Ace of Time;”
now his life completes his rhyme.

His life is now but a corpse.
The last living ounce has been drained.
Is this now the time to show remorse
for he who now rides ‘Heaven’s train?’

It seems to me we’re kind of late
to show our kindness instead of our hate
for he who lies somewhere, so still,
on a shore where we sent him to kill.

But now the story has been told
about the boy so meek and yet so bold
who took his cards and went his way
across the sea……. where now he lays.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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