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‘Cause This Is Saturday

We all have feelings that are difficult to explain.  The “aloofness” of Saturday has always been one of those feelings for me – my ‘who cares’ day.  Usually a lot is accomplished……or nothing.  And even when I worked Saturdays regularly, the ‘feeling’ made it my favorite day, even when it was my busiest.  I would bet that you have such a day.

Have a great Saturday.


‘Cause This Is Saturday


What do you do…. when you don’t know
just what you want to do?
Your mind is racing and primed to go
but the heart’s without a clue.
There’s a million things that must be done
but there seems no easy way
to get the heart in working mood
‘cause this is Saturday.


Certain days project a ‘feel’
that makes you want to work.
Some days seem to be surreal
and seem to have no perk.
It’s funny how they affect us all
and control how far we stray
this day, for this heart, the mind doesn’t matter
‘cause this is Saturday.

© copyright 2013 t. j. gargano

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Port of Call

Saturday is my favorite….feel.  The atmosphere seems to ‘back off’ and give me more space and a freer feeling….a different sense of reality; a different flavor of my sanity.

And of course, my gut thinking tells me that where there is sanity, there is also insanity lurking close by.  And, thus, according to my thinking,  where there is reality, there is also the imaginary present in the surroundings.  I can’t grab it yet but I can sense it and…..I bet…..so can you.

Thus, given these ‘fancies’ of mine, it’s in this ‘ether’ that the intangibles live that we must conquer to ‘move’ ahead…. in some aspects of our ‘real’ lives.

Thus, the motivation of this poem….coming to grips with those intangibles….our ‘guts’ and the  toughening of our ‘attitude’ to usurp the force to DO IT!  –  any task menial or otherwise that has not been fulfilled because our ‘laziness’ and other ‘apathies’ have NOT been kept at bay but have been allowed to prevail in our thoughts, overriding our good sense and good intentions.

So there…..that’s my disclaimer.  lol

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by ……if you have……you should have called….I would have  put a fresh pot of coffee on.  Well, anyway, my best to you and yours!


Port of Call


There is a thing we have to do
and we have to do it now;
and it’s not just something to see us through
but a commitment…. we must avow
to change the routine of our life
the path…. hath hither brought
so as to impede our laziness
and know how we were taught.
Reach down low in the stomach’s pit,
where your guts lay drugged and blue
ignoring your calls and won’t commit
to helping you pursue
risky endeavors that you must face
to move your life ahead;
so grab those guts down where they lie
and get them out of bed.

Do it!  Do it!  is the call
to move you all the way,
affixed upon your guidon
you’ll carry everyday
so not to let the apathies
settle in your mind
keeping you from accomplishing
the tasks you have assigned.
Indifference shield and keep away.
Yes, laziness must be drowned.
Positive forces must own the day
and spread out all around.
So toughen up and do the task
no matter how big or small.
The first step’s the hardest and starts today;
you’ve reached your port of call.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Saturday’s Gold

Saturday is my favorite day……it’s feeling of difference, is strong.  I’ve often confronted the ‘feeling’ and why it’s like an “opening” in the ether…or air of the world I know…..like an invisible window, letting in fresh air and brightening my world and enabling me to see things I normally don’t see….or think of things that don’t normally come to mind…..or….I know….I sound a little ‘light-headed’…..but it is something I have always sensed.

Do you have such a ‘feeling’ for some  particular day in the week that lifts your heart and makes you think…..I can do that….or…..I think that’s possible…..or……nothing’s going to stop me….I see it!…..you know what I’m talking about….as if the cobwebs are out of the way and life, for a moment, looks brighter and different…..and free?

Well, if that’s being ‘off my rocker’ for a moment….well, I like getting off the rocker once in a while to see if I can keep my ‘balance.’  Anyway, that’s where I followed my mind ….this wonderful, Saturday morning.

Crazy Horse was purported to have said, to his followers,  before going into battle at the Little Big Horn ….”It’s a good day to die!”  –  to lift their spirits into the fighting mode.  Something tells me that was on his ‘favorite’ day…when the visions are momentarily more lucid…..for all of us.

Don’t mind me…..I get this way almost every Saturday…….haha!  Thank you for dropping by….again!  You are always welcome….the coffee’s always brewing…..


Saturday’s Gold


There’s something about a Saturday
that opens up my heart
and all I see that’s on display
appears in the form of art
whether be it floating, clouded skies
or the sound of a distant train
or the sight of a ground squirrel in the yard
or a walk in the falling rain.

It’s hard to describe the relief I feel
like a shirt falling off my back;
like the smells from the kitchen of the coming meal
or just springing from the ‘sack.’
The aberrant feeling is fresh and ‘new’….
invigorating to every sense
and opens a landscape on which to paint
a day without pretense.

O Saturday…. if only you
could be my everyday
and all my senses could wake anew
and my heart, in every way,
could see the love that’s all around
through the cracks in the ether’s hold
and feel the warmth and the hug of life
and all that’s really….gold!

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Does it seem to you, that certain days have a certain feel about them?  Saturday has always been my favorite day and for what reason, I do not know.  Maybe it is a ‘left over’ feeling from childhood when it was a ‘relief’ day from the arduous work of school. Maybe it was because I could stay at home that day…in my comfort zone.  Whatever the reason, Saturday is still my favorite.



It’s six-thirty in the morning and my day it has a plan
I’m going to clean the floors… and polish every pan.
I’m going to wash the dog and then I’ll wash the car.
And then I’ll do the laundry while I play my old guitar.

I’ll rearrange the closet and dust off every shelf
I’ll take down all the Christmas lights and do it all myself.
I’ll sit and rest and write a poem and think of friends on-line
get up and jog a mile or two, collapse and drink some wine.

I see the time piece on the wall; it says it’s twelve o’clock.
And still I’m sitting at my desk; my plan has yet to rock.
I think I’ll have another cup to get me on my way
’cause if I don’t get moving fast, I’ll lose another day.

And now I’m getting a little peeved; my body will not move.
I guess I’ll have another cup to get my mind to groove.
I see the sun is shining bright, there’s warmth in every ray
Oh, what the heck, I’ll go to town…..cause this is Saturday!

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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