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To My Betsy

Oft times, I will have to ask for your forgiveness in allowing me to present poems from my past that I wrote during fragile moments of my life.  They may run aground of certain rules about poetry writing, they may be crude in their construction, they may be awful to those with rigid guidelines and they may be boring.  But they have been part of  my ‘arsenal’ of  life moments account and for those who want to follow me, it is to you I want to share.  Never do I want to offend anyone or anyone’s culture because I am ignorant of their ways.  That is always the danger in writing, in particular, and sharing, in general.  Please tell me when I, inadvertently, offend.

Betsy is my second born child, though, of course, not a child anymore.  It was her twins that I presented in an earlier post.

To My Betsy

When I sit and think of you,
it makes my gray skies turn to blue.
And brings fresh sunshine to my heart,
of which you’ll always be a part.

And remembering back when you were small,
I’d like them back, those moments, all.
A second chance to hold and kiss
the little “Poppy” that I miss.

But time must march and file away,
memories saved for another day.
And when we’re sad we can bring them out
so we can smile and turn about.

And we’ll always feel and know what counts
as demands of life begin to mount.
And a moment taken to remember back,
will help us down the darkened track.

It’s helped me always to remember you
and it’s always turned my gray skies, blue.
And when you least expect it so
life will smile and you will know.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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