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Eternal Rhyme

Eternal Rhyme


Day has come; the night has fled.
Hope has sprung and raised its head.
Worries wonder about what to do
The heart is warming; its beat is true.

Another day has come along.
You have a chance to sing a song
different from the ones before
that rubbed your heart and made it sore.

Spring’s returned into your step.
The warmth consoles and gives you pep
to march this day against your ‘foes’
and stand your ground in sweet repose

and show the world just how you’re made
not soft and easy, as once portrayed
but ready to stand to fight the fight
with lifted ‘sword’ for what is right.

Vanquish worries that hold you down
and guard the spirit, you’ve turned around
and be what you are….and be it strong
cause this is you….this is your ‘song.’

Not all will like it, but that’s okay.
Life is different in every way
and you are needed to share this time
and play your part in this eternal rhyme.

© copyright 2013 t. j. gargano


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Spring Is Late

Ever so often, it seems like the days of winter lag longer into the new year.  This ‘lag’ becomes foremost in many a person’s mind, impatient for their dreams of the new summer.

Spring Is Late

Though spring is late in coming by
birds still sing their summer song.
And tree to tree they playfully fly,
though spring is late in coming by.
To Nature’s rhythm, squirrels scamper and cry;
gathering twigs they carry along.
Though spring is late in coming by
birds still sing their summer song.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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