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Four Guys on a Rock

Four Guys on a Rock

High upon a mountain, they peer across the hills.
They gaze across eternity; their memory still instills
a look into the past….. of a country’s past travails,
conjured up in vivid stories and legendary tales.

Washington was the first elected to lead this country free
Jefferson’s declaration safeguarded freedom by decree.
Roosevelt fought a foreign war and held the flag up high.
Lincoln saved the nation….. we remember each July.

It’s easy to forget what we learned when we were young
of incidents and those events of history that were flung,
about our nation, into our minds, that we’ve easily forgot
and why these four guys on the rock, to many, mean a lot.

Rushmore is the monument, a granite mountain shrine
in the Black Hills of Dakota, where marks the march of time
of history of our nation as told through only four
and reminds the future to remember, all that came before.

I’ve seen them many times at their advantage way up high
And many times I thought I saw them grin and laugh and cry
But the last time it concerned me, for their stare was not as bright
though I know that through their vision, they’ll steer the nation right.

The area around the monument is pristine in its scope
and you hear the wildlife callings…. echoing down the slope.
You smell the Quaking Aspen, the Spruce and Lodgepole pine
as you look upon the Presidents and know that all is fine.

t. j. gargano

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