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From where I live in the country, on the prairie of Illinois, due east, the horizon sits a little beyond the distant interstate highway and railroad, that parallels on its west side.  The night time creeps in there first in its sneaky, varied transitioning forms.

It is always a delight and inspiration to view nature in its changing moods.  Often, these changes are all around us and yet appear ‘invisible’ to us as we focus our attention elsewhere on other things.  However, ever so often, our moods and infrequent calmness allow us to witness and ‘feel’ some of these times when nature is in transition.  In this case, the transition is the ‘undressing’ of day.

Sitting, facing east, the feeling is pristine when the air is still, the birds are quietly bedding down, the horses stand in fixed repose against the barn, the air is ‘feelable,’  the horizon’s ‘shade’ is nearly down, the city’s lights – five miles northeast –  are blurred in mist,  you can barely make out the silhouetted trees, and the haze over the corn disappears ever so slightly, sneakily before your very eyes….’til you can barely see your own hands in the darkness that ‘plopped’ down on you and everything all around.  One minute, all that beauty  is there and then….gone….surrendered to darkness and the forthcoming end of day.  What’s left is the recap of it all….the reaping of the value that was bestowed upon us for the taking.  My recommendation would be to ‘take it all in’ sometime, when you get a chance.

Hoping you have great, whole days!




Dropping down, a dusky mist
is settling on the corn.
Far off city lights resist;
disappear to be reborn.
The horizon’s shade is nearly down
silhouetted trees stand tall;
the night time is beckoning…. her call.

The country night is quiet and still;
the grass now moist with dew.
The horizon shade is down until
it brings back day….anew.
But until then the darkness basks
‘til the night of ‘day’ is done
and the ‘whole’ of day has made its distance run.

Day is only part of ‘day;’
Night is one part, too.
So if one part, you’re in dismay
the ‘other’ might bring you through.
So don’t give up if the day starts bad
go deep where heart is strong
and life will move more smoothly….along.

© copyright 2012 t. j. gargano

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Crumpled Paper On The Floor

Well, it is Saturday again….where did the week go.  I hope all’s well with you.  I was reminiscing on how it use to be when I did most of my writing with pen and paper and how there’d be a build up of  paper wads on the floor due to my starting and stopping in the writing process….back in the day.

The computer has certainly made my writing ‘area’ a neater environment to work in, saved me time not having to clean-up and yet, at times, I still miss the mess.  It looked like I had actually done something or spent time trying to.  It’s a funny thing….this life thing.

My best to all of you this Saturday day in April.  Smile if you can.


Ctumpled Paper On The Floor

Back in the day I would pick up a pen
and write on some paper and stop only when,
I’d make a mistake that would alter my thought
and I’d crumple the paper…. feeling distraught.

And if it was so I was lagging behind,
cause the heart wouldn’t agree with the bumbling mind,
I’d stop, start and throw crumpled paper to the floor
and hour after hour, I’d wonder what for

since ever so often I’d forget what I wrote
and search the floor’s carnage for a tossed away note
or verse or some saying….  I wrote that I liked,
and finding it, wondering…. why it got me so psyched.

But time has pressed on, it’s a keyboard I strike….
forming all of my words and…. if the thoughts I dislike
then I just hit a key and the old thoughts are gone….
No mess to deal with…. I simply type on.

But time has not changed the heart and the mind
and often my thoughts are distressed and behind
but at least I don’t worry about what’s on the floor
I just keep on a typing….still wondering what for….

but, in my defense….after all.…it’s Saturday.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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The Deer

Deer presence and awareness is always tantamount to safety when driving through wooded areas on the back roads.   Many people lose their lives when encountering the deer population on our nation’s highways, too.  They are so beautiful and yet they can be so deadly.  Be careful out there.

The Deer

Travelling up the interstate to Chicago yesterday,
while stopped in another costly traffic delay,
I spotted two deer to my right in the woods
just standing there, heads turned, gazing at the road,
their ears turning constantly, in their standing ‘stiff’ mode.

I heard a child say, “look, daddy, a deer” from the car behind,
but the deer didn’t move, as if they didn’t mind
the attention they were getting from the line of cars
stopped and staring at them from the road;
not even the noisy big rigs, anxious to move their load.

Sitting there in the car, my mind was set to dream
and I saw the two deer fall and I heard the child scream
and I wanted to get out of the car and run over to help
them but something held me back as the car started ahead
and I fell back in my seat and saw on my clothes, the red.

All I remember now, though, is the honk from behind
as if the car was saying, ‘get following that line’
for the line had moved ahead and I was still stopped
and quickly looking to the woods, I saw their white tails leap
then noticed the spilled red chili on me and the passenger seat.
I still don’t fully understand, the mind’s purpose of a dream;
They never make much sense to me, though I often like their theme
But now I have to keep my mind on the traffic along this road
and make it to Chicago where the weather, they say, is clear
and hopefully remember, when I’m driving back, the place I saw the deer.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano



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Through the Windows of an Amtrak train

While waiting for the California Zephyr out on the platform recently, I thought back at some of the trips taken previously over the same stretch of track and wondered why I never get tired of the trip.  In fact, I always get excited anticipating the moment.  The truth must be that we never get tired or bored with the things we truly love………no matter what that might encompass.  That doesn’t mean, I don’t think, that because we are bored with something,  that we don’t love it.  I hope not.

But anyway, I also wrote this quick little triolet.  Hope your travels are happy ones.

 Through the Windows of an Amtrak Train

Through the windows of an Amtrak train
you can see America come alive.
You might see a snowstorm, tornado or just rain
through the windows of an Amtrak train.
Going through towns, over rivers, you might see a plane –
for sure, a Wal-Mart and MacDonald’s when you arrive.
Through the windows of an Amtrak train
you can see America come alive.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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Station Girl

Have you ever taken a trip alone on a  bus, and sitting there in your seat, groggy by your boring lifelessness, you are suddenly “awakened” by the sudden stop, after pulling into the station?  As you sit up and look out your window, your eyes search out and find  ‘beauty’ leaning up against a pillar by the station door.  The all of you awakens, as your eyes become transfixed, mesmerized by the anticipation of movement towards the bus. Blindly, you ready the vacant seat beside you.

As a young teen, I remember such a moment on a bus ride from Los Angeles, CA to St. Louis, Missouri.  It wasn’t until years later that I wrote this poem.

Station Girl

In darkness of morn’ the bus pulled out;
me now sleepy and my vision a blur.
At noon the turn northward awoke me in doubt.
By two, I was curious about the course of the route
when we stopped and standing there
in the station door, was her.

I wanted to call out and tell her my name;
I’ll wait ‘til she gets on and sits down.
Why is she standing there so calm and so tame?
Lightning! Thunder! It’s starting to rain.
The bus is moving; my heart is stopping;
my staring face in frown.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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