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At the Park











At the Park

Standing still like a rock and stone;
grinning, smiling, all alone
kind of hiding…. but in silly pose
plastered in stripes and pinky clothes.

Hiding and seeking in the park
laughing, singing like a lark
darting, giggling tree to tree
yelling loudly “you can’t find me.”

Little girls just having fun
in the park where they like to run
playing tag….”you are it!”
‘til fully exhausted and have to sit.

When it’s time to leave and go
tears run down the cheeks aglow
To give up such a fun filled day
tears take the place, what one can’t say

Once back home, it’s time to dream
about playing in the park, eating ice cream
yelling, laughing, running all around
it’s back tomorrow; we’re jumping up and down!

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Trees in the Forest

Trees in the Forest


The trees in the forest that are big and tall
are the trees I envy most of all.
But just because I’m very small….I’m still a tree.

I’ll grow big and tall, someday,
and see the world in a different way
and spread my branches far up in the blue.

To you who helped me grow so tall,
gave me sight, to see the small;
gave me strength to stretch up through it all.

And I will look upon them low
and try to tell them what I know
and hope they learn what’s best of what they see.

See the pretty flowers on the road below?
See the weeds that beside them grow?
They will blossom too, another day.


copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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Vacant, deserted road

Almost everyone on earth is different from one another, but having a little ‘alone’ time can often be rewarding to us all.  That might be sitting in a room, reading a book by yourself. It could mean going out on the town by yourself.  I like the idea of walking on a road in the country by myself.
 Of course, there are critters that might keep you company, at times.  And too, it is enjoyable trying to seek them out – by yourself – in their habitat, along the road.

Vacant, Deserted Road

Walking in the country on a vacant, deserted road
is where you’ll hear the wind, side-winding through the trees.
You’ll probably see a rabbit or squirrel;  maybe a toad
walking in the country on a vacant, deserted road.
A good time for discovering tracks is when it’s recently snowed;
and on a day when the ol’ North Wind is just a breeze.
Walking in the country on a vacant, deserted road
is where you’ll hear the wind, side-winding through the trees.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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