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Snow Fence

snow fence with mountains in background







Snow Fence

Along the endless roadways, like many in the west,
you would see them stretched for miles, doing their wintry best
to keep the blowing snow off main highways and road –
a hundred feet back and four-foot high, in red, they were the code.

You’d see them before the snows came, snaking, winding, low or high
not thinking much about them, as the grasses tried to hide
them, growing up high between their slats, blocking the reddened dye
as you whizzed by on the highway; taking them in stride.

You came to expect their presence, as many were up year round
and stretched for endless miles nearly going from town to town.
for they also stopped the tumbleweed from flying across the road
and changing the course of a speeding car; making sure it slowed.

But the wintry winds are fast to come that bring the heaps of snow
and like a bird on silent wing, they can surprise you unaware.
But the picket fence, standing tall, waves defiance at its foe
as it performs its sentinel duty, always standing; always there.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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Up on the rise

For those of you who have driven highways in the western United States…..the long stretches of open prairie and wide skies and nary another car around, you might remember that  there was  usually a constant wind to contend with,  and when you climb the hills or ‘rises’, that wind always seemed to be fiercest at that zenith point.

In fact, you had to assume that would be the case.  And if you were pulling a camper of any size, approaching that ‘rise’ became problematic, at best.

Also,  as you approached those ‘rises’, telltale evidence of a constant wind was usually the bent over prairie grasses and the battered and broken fences along the way.


Up On The Rise

Out where the highway….. rises toward the sky,
up where the howling winds blow,
you might see a hawk riding thermals way up high
out where the highway….. rises toward the sky.
Out here the hand of the wind is dry
and its strength commands the grass,  lay low.
out where the highway….. rises toward the sky,
up where the howling winds blow.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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