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Love’s Provision


Love’s  Provision


Across the road, the grass, just mowed,
surrendered to the snow.
And the silver plane looked cold, in pain,
as the wind began to blow.

And though not deep, the snow did heap
as it collected around each wheel;
wings were fluttering and birds were shuttering,
not happy with the new winter’s deal.

But the little plane provided, for the birds that had glided,
down to feed in the grass underneath,
a refuge from the cold and the wind’s strong hold,
that the winter, to them, did bequeath.

The reminder is subtle and subject to rebuttal,
but at times when we’re all feeling down,
it still is the case, others ‘down’ need embrace
and love…. when smiles turn to frown.

When hard times press, we have to address
the winds that batter and blow
and try to compile, at our feet, every smile
and keep them there…. stealing our glow.

But just like the plane, our warmth will refrain
from letting the cold get inside.
And others will bask in the strength of our task
and the warmth of our love…. will provide.

copyright 2013 t. j. gargano


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Do you still make a snowman or show the kids how to make them?  Sometimes, they just show up in the yard……friends bring them ‘over.’  Maybe they just pop up….who knows.  At any rate, they are seasonal ‘friends’  to laugh and play with and share with the children and the children at heart.  Happy holidays to all.




In many a town, like one that you know,
they’ll pop up each winter, right out of the snow.
They might be alone or they might be in threes;
out front by the street or in back by the trees.

They might be quite tall or sitting on a box
all wearing scarves…. made of old socks;
eyes black as coal with a carrot for a nose
with buttons in a line right down to the toes.

They’ll always have a smile…. all over their face
as they greet you each time, when you enter their space.
They’ll stand there all night, while you snuggle in bed
chilled by the rays…. of the moon, overhead.

Around them we’ll dance and sing them a song
‘til the cold months have passed…. and winter’s along.
And we’ll wink a goodbye ‘til the next year’s new snows
bring back our snowman…. when the winter wind blows.

© t. j. gargano 2013

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Fairy Fall

Feeling whimsical today….

Fairy Fall

She stood behind the leaf on the branch above the knot
on the tree trunk, near the river where he fished and where he got
bitten by the dog that had come from down the road
from the farm that raised the chickens, he had learned of when it snowed
last winter….a month before the thaw.

She watched him as he cleaned his hand and bandaged it up tight
in shadows through the morning mist in the coolness of the light.
that slithered down between the trees and fell upon the ground
and splashed along the water’s edge, hitting all it found
as she watched him pause at what he saw.

She was sure he didn’t see her but his gaze was firm….her way
and she peeked beneath the moistened leaf and gasped at the spray
that drenched her hair down to her toes and made her wings to stick
and she lost her balance and hit the ground…. with a spark and light and click
so loud that she was sure….that he knew.

She moved with caution ‘round the tree as he started to walk her way
and the birds all started whistling loud and the fish began to play
and caught his attention and he froze in time, then turned and went on back
and got his pole that was lying there…. against the sleeping bag and black
dog that now seemed harmlessly…..’blue.’

A fairy has to watch her ways, yet learn of all she can
but safety is the fairy thing; that is the fairy plan.
And knowing she was lucky; she watches from afar
as he pats the dog with his bandaged hand and chews on his cigar
and casts his pole across the blaze of morn’.

© copyright 2012  t. j. gargano

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Where Violets Bloom

Actually, the winter hawk is on his way, though hopefully not too soon.  And when it arrives, I will jump into Spring wishing mode and probably try to put into order memorable thoughts of vivid pictures of that time of year.  One .of those pictures usually includes bunches of violets.

Where Violets Bloom

In wild profusion the violets bloom
beside the reedy brook.
Where weeds and grasses mostly loom,
in wild profusion the violets bloom.
A place of peaceful, spacious room
where butterflies seek and look,
in wild profusion the violets bloom
beside the reedy brook.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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Winter’s Long

The Illinois winter was not overly severe or cold last year, but because it started early in October, and consistently rendered  ice and snow repeatedly and frequently into the month of March, it became, on the minds of many, long and dreary.  One day I had to say something….


Winter’s  Long

Winter’s worn her coat too long.
It’s time the winds bring summer back.
Birds are busy but not with song
Winter’s worn her coat too long.
And February’s temperatures, so cold, seem wrong
And it’s hard to remember the dirt, black.
Winter’s worn her coat too long.
It’s time the winds bring summer back.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano


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