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Prairie Flyer – Part IV

Prairie Flyer – Part IV

“Help yourself to the beans, I’ll fuel up your plane.”
he said, grabbing his jacket and the sack with the chain….
the chain for  the billy goat  who he’s kept for a while
and who’s been his companion and made it worthwhile
when there’s been no one else around .

“It’s been a while,” I said, “since a woman’s landed here.
Don’t see many women flyers in these parts since we’re
off the paths of the mail routes, changed a few years back.
In fact, don’t see many flyers at all, being off the beaten track;
just a few oldsters fly-in…. now and then.”

“It’s Jake, right?” she asked, as she got up off the stool
and went behind the counter bar looking for a tool
to scoop up some of Harley’s beans and some of the hot fresh bread
and the sight of both of them next to me, had me seeing red
and my stomach made its first ‘growl.’

“Yeah, Jake.” I whimpered, escaping my temporary insanity,
obviously caused by my proximity to this aberration of humanity,
and she talked and talked, intruding kindly on my soul
and all the while I smiled and listened….having lost control
of my senses by this compromising force.

The next thing I knew, Harley said….”it’s fueled and ready to go”
and her hair was under cap ‘cept  some bangs that sat below
her goggles on her head that were definitely showing some wear
and she threw the white scarf  ‘round her neck and made it hard to bear
as we walked her to the plane.

(continued  Prairie Flyer – Part V)

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