It’s said that seeing is believing.  But we know that isn’t always true.  Illusionists prove that.  Trick photography proves that.

And too, it is expected of us to believe in ‘things’ we can’t see.  A good example might be the air we breathe.

So in many aspects of life, we, as individuals, have to choose whether or not to believe in something.  Some of those things might be important and others, may not be as important.

A case in point might be angels, demons or other forces in the non-reality dimensions of our minds.  Then we might ask…if there are angels then are there demons?  or aliens? or UFOs? or ghosts? ………….or…….fairies?


Though I detect that she is near,
I see not yet her fluttering heart
between each drooping willow tear,
though I detect that she is near.
I’ll keep on searching without fear
until I find some little part.
Though I detect that she is near,
I see not yet her fluttering heart.

Though, it’s said they don’t exist,
And maybe that is so,
I know that one day… I was kissed
though, it’s said they don’t exist.
And yet I saw her, through the mist,
fly up and wink and go.
Though, it’s said they don’t exist
and maybe that is so

On days I go down to that stream
to where the fairy came,
I lay down there, perchance to dream,
on days I go down to that stream.
And while I know, it seems extreme,
I’ll keep on looking without shame,
on days I go down to that stream
to where the fairy came.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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16 responses to “Fairy

  1. Jane Thorne

    Tom, I believe in fairies x

    • Well, I think the smallest person is around 23 inches high, which is not fairy status by any means, but who knows, they could exist. If you believe in them, well…..that’s all what matters. Some things we just have to believe in without evidence…..and that’s a freedom no one can ever take from us……a person’s belief in anything is their responsibility, don’t ya think? Wherein lies the problem is when powerful people or governments dictate what you’re gonna believe…..I’ll stop there. lol Thanks Jane.

      • Jane Thorne

        Whey hey I struck a chord there Tom didn’t I? We are masters of our own thinking and being the rebel I am I will not be dictated too (I’m not good at following rules either bit i think we’ve alreaady established that)…limited thinking limits us and just because we can’t necessarily see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist..Jane x

  2. I’ve always enjoyed the story about the Cottingley fairies in the pictures taken by Elsie Wright and how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle showed support in them. Where is Cottingley, England?

    • Jane Thorne

      Hello Tom, yes Cottingley is in the country of Yorkshire in England. I believe that Elsie and her sister later admitted that they had faked all the photographs bar one…one they claimed was real and yes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle supported them..it was made into a magical film, which I loved…it’s good to hold a childlike wonder within us isn’t it…otherwise we would get a little jaded and that will never do! Jane x

  3. How can anyone say that fairies don’t exist when they have not seen any? Yes, to all naysayers, please do go and figure out this statement 🙂

    • thomag1

      They are an interesting topic just like angels are and I don’t think I’m suppose to see either one…I guess they exist in their realm and we exist in ours. Thanks for dropping by, Eric.


    • Jane Thorne

      Oh Eric I love this comment x

  4. What an intricate, delicate poem! I enjoyed the imagination of this as well as the form of the poem. If the physicists are right and string theory is really reality, then who knows what exists? Maybe your fairy found a hole in the planes between existences and truly kissed you and then disappeared back to his plane.

    • thomag1

      Well…maybe. It’s fun to exist out of the ordinary, sometimes. I like most dreams; I wish I understood them. Your comments are always so rewarding, Thomas. Thanks. I’m enjoying your daughter’s contributions…..nice sunset. thanks


  5. A very creative poem. Leaves me things to think about. Ethel

  6. I felt like a 5 year old again.
    Wondering if they would come and make mommie happy.
    I loved it. 🙂

  7. I lea you poem. Lea = like, enjoy, appreciate. I also believe very much in the possibility of fairies and angels and even aliens, although of the three I have no desire to see aliens. thank you for your delightful words. T

    • thomag1

      Hi Tricia….my feelings are the same as yours….If one, then probably the others, too. Of course, we would want them all to be good….but…probably not. haha……thanks for being here……my best to you, tom


    • thomag1

      Hey Tricia…how do you leave comments to your posts? I didn’t see how on your ‘Blog Kiss’ post. Nice post. As a world traveler, be careful out there….haha thanks for dropping by, here

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